New York Primary School 

North Shields Collaborative Teaching School

Lanark Close, North Shields, NE29 8DP

​​Telephone: 0191 200 6338

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Welcome to New York Primary School and thank you for visiting our website.

As Headteacher of this happy, dynamic school I feel proud and privileged to

work in  partnership with the pupils and families of the New York community.

At New York our aim is to provide a stimulating, aspirational and secure environment in which children have a voice and are encouraged to participate and contribute towards their own development. We believe that this is best achieved when families are involved in their child’s education through supporting what your child does in school and generally taking an interest. We create a family atmosphere where everyone is valued, respected and cared for.  We have high standards and expectations both in behaviour and work – we have no doubt that our children can meet these standards.

New York Primary School is fully inclusive and consistently develops traditional values of responsibility, kindness, independence and good manners. Our caring and engaging environment promotes pupil’s self-esteem and prepares them for the world in which they live. As incremental learners New York pupils enjoy challenge and opportunity, they do not fear mistakes but see them as a route to learning!

At New York we believe that school days are precious and we want our children to reflect positively on safe and happy times.  Therefore, we work relentlessly to ensure that New York Pupils are presented with a wide range of interesting, exciting  and innovative experiences that support them in becoming the best they can be.

We are committed to promoting the values of the 4Rs of the 21st century:

Resourcefulness: organising yourself ready to learn
Reflectiveness: thinking about your own learning
Resilience: not giving up, keep trying to succeed
Reciprocity: willing and able to work well with others all within a culture of respect.

We invite all our children to ‘Come as you are and Leave at your best’

With heads held high and a smile on their faces our staff and pupils are proud to be a New Yorker!


Jill Shaw


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