New York Primary School 

North Shields Collaborative Teaching School

Lanark Close, North Shields, NE29 8DP

​​Telephone: 0191 200 6338

After school clubs

At New York Primary school we believe extra-curricular activities enrich the life of the school by providing opportunities for pupils to enjoy learning new skills, to get together with friends and participate in a wide range of activities.   We aim to offer a variety of clubs for our pupils to engage in, helping them to develop and enhance specialised skills organised by qualified staff in a safe and fun environment.  There is no charge for these activities.

Once the children sign up to take a place they are expected to attend regularly, as places are limited and often very popular. If your child cannot attend a booked session parents/carers are requested to give as much notice as possible; either written or verbal to the office or the teacher in charge. If they wish to leave a club, then a written note from a parent/carer must be handed to the teacher in charge so that the place can be filled swiftly.