New York Primary School 

North Shields Collaborative Teaching School

Lanark Close, North Shields, NE29 8DP

​​Telephone: 0191 200 6338

Every Minute Counts

School Attendance

At New York Primary School we strive to give our pupils the best education available and to enable our children to reach their full potential we expect the best possible attendance from our children.  

There is a strong link between good school attendance and achieving good results for children. Children who frequently miss school may fall behind in their work, which may affect their future prospects. If your child is unable to attend school because of illness, we would ask that you contact school to make us aware of this and to keep us informed if their absence is to continue after a third day. Wherever possible please try and make medical and dental appointments outside of school times and if you are unable to do this and need to take your child out during a school day, please call at the office to get a student pass.  School holidays will be granted only in exceptional circumstances according to policy.

At New York Primary School we have dedicated members of staff who work closely with families to promote good attendance and punctuality-promoting the ethos of Every School Minute Counts. 

At New York team work and commitment to improving attendance is celebrated; we play 'Classopoly' each week to recognise excellence.  If a class acheives more than 98% attendance in one week they have the opportunity to roll the dice and move their class on the Classopoly board. Classes have the chance to win prizes organised by different members of staff.