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When your child starts in the Foundation Stage at New York Primary School we aim to make this as comfortable and reassuring as possible for both of you. To do this we must work together around the needs of the child.

 From birth, you as the parent, together with other members of your family, have been your child’s first educators. As they start in the Foundation Stage your child will continue to need your support and involvement as this has a significant impact on their cognitive development and literacy and numeracy skills. We will provide you with regular feedback on their progress and ask that you share information about your child to help us work as partners to support your child’s education.


At New York Primary School we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) and the EY Outcomes, which set out the standards that all Early Years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept safe and healthy.

It promotes teaching and learning to ensure that children show ‘school readiness’ by the time they enter Year One and gives children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the essential foundations for good progress through school and life. Staff plan learning opportunities built upon their observations of your child’s play. We will follow children’s interests and support them to achieve their next steps in learning.

 The EYFS Statutory Framework and EY Outcomes can be found here:
Your child will be learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge and deepen their understanding of 7 areas of learning.

Whilst in the 2YO and Nursery children will focus on the embedding the three prime areas of learning which are:

  • Communication and Language;
  • Physical Development; and
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development.

 As your child gain grows and develops in these prime areas, we help them to develop skills and understanding in the 4 specific areas, which are;

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts & Design

Children will access the curriculum both inside and outside. Both are of equal importance and allow children to develop their knowledge and self-help skills. 


Children in the Early Years are assessed against the statements within the EYFS Curriculum we track progress throughout their time with us and at the end of Reception Year; they are assessed against the Early Learning Goals (ELG), which are a summary of the Early Years Curriculum. Children are judged to be EMERGING towards, at the EXPECTED level or EXCEEDING these ELGs.

At the start of the Reception Year, we will carry out a BASELINE on each child; this will be used to show progress over time.

Learning Journeys

Each child in New York Primary School Foundation Stage and 2YO has an Online Learning Journal through Tapestry. These are individual to your child and are updated regularly so you can see what your child is doing in school and the progress they are making. We love to see what your child has been doing at home so please add photographs and videos so that we can share your child’s interests outside of school.
Please see a member of staff for a personal login.

Click here to access your child’s tapestry account (you will need your login details). This can also be downloaded as an APP to smartphones.


As a parent, how can I help with my child’s learning?

All of the fun activities that you carry out with your child will have an important part to play in their learning and development, reading books, talking to your child about what they see when they are out and about all have a long lasting effect on your child’s learning as they progress through school.

At the start of each half term we will send home a Curriculum newsletter which highlights what is being taught that half term and how you, as parents, can support your child.

We encourage you to support the work we do in school by sending home weekly activities in a home-school book and children in FS2 (Reception) will receive a Me, My World and My Family book to encourage further information towards our evidence for Understanding the World and recognising the differences between ourselves and others.

To link with our current interests and themes the children may also bring home activities to complete with their families.

We hold regular termly parents events, such as Welly Waddles, Booktime events, Treasure Hunts, Family Craft sessions, Curriculum meetings and drop in sessions to show you how we teach your child. These are in addition to the whole school events which take place annually.

Foundation Stage