New York Primary School 

North Shields Collaborative Teaching School

Lanark Close, North Shields, NE29 8DP

​​Telephone: 0191 200 6338

You said/we did 2016/17

We are a group of 18 children who were voted for by each class to represent the pupil voice across school. Each class has two representatives; one boy and one girl.  

September 2015

We held a meeting to discuss our roles and responsibilities and to meet each other, as well as the members of staff who will support us.

October 2015

We organised a Halloween disco for all pupils to attend. We decorated the hall and the children who attended got dressed up.​  The money raised will be used to support and enrich our school activities. 

We are a group of 12 children who were voted for by each class to represent the pupil voice across school. Each year has two representatives; one boy and one girl.  

September 2016
We held an election to choose our new school council members. All pupils who wanted to be up for election had to write and deliver a speech to their class. Then each class voted for one boy and one girl to represent their year group.

Well done to all pupils who delivered a speech to their class, you were all fantastic!

November 2015

At the moment outside of our school there is a large building site, that is building a new residential care home. Because of this there is a lot less room for traffic to access our school . We have been asked to produce a road safety information leaflet for all pupil's and parents.  

Watch this space for our leaflet ...

​December 2015
We made a School Council ‘Code of Conduct’ which we all signed. We included what we our role is as a school council and what the rest of school can expect from us.

We also asked if we could have School Council badges to wear on our school jumpers to help the rest of school identify us. We chose a yellow shield and are waiting for their arrival.

We also carried out a survey in our classes to ask if the children would like any different afterschool or PLZ clubs offered. We came to the meeting with great suggestions for PLZ clubs and we now have Lego Club, Playdough Club and Football Maths Club.

January 2016
Our badges arrived! We all wear them with pride on our school jumpers.

We were asked to interview our new Acting Headtecher, Mrs Shaw. We held a meeting to come up with questions we would like to ask her. Six members of our school council were chosen to interview her and the interview took place in her office. Please see below for our interview. 

February 2016
Following on from our interview with Mrs Shaw, she asked the school council to find out what makes pupils at New York Primary happy and if there is anything the pupils feel we need to improve our school environment. We are in the process of gathering information from our class and we are going to feedback to Mrs Shaw during our next meeting. 

March 2016
We spent time each week gathering information Mrs Shaw. We asked our classes what they like about being a pupil at New York Primary and if they would like anything changed. We all made notes in our school council books and looked forward to sharing our findings with Mrs Shaw. 

​April 2016
We invited Mrs Shaw to our school council meeting to share our findings. We were very excited and each class representative took their turn to inform Mrs Shaw what they found out. Take a look at what the pupils like about our school and what they would like changed. 

May 2016
We were asked to be part of a pupil panel during interviews for 2 new members of teaching staff. We decided upon 10 questions to ask all of the candidates. We took notes and then fed back to Mrs Shaw.

June 2016
Interviews were held for our new Head teacher and we were asked to be part of the interview process. We decided upon questions to ask each candidate and with the governors we interviewed the candidates. We fed back to the governors and were very pleased when Mrs Shaw was given the job.   

You said/we did 2015/16

November 2016
We made a 'Code of Conduct' which we all signed. We included what our role is as a school council and what the rest of school can expect from us. 

January 2017
Our school council badges arrived! We chose a yellow shield to stand out on our jumpers. We wear them everyday with pride. 

February 2017
We were asked by Mrs Shaw to look carefully at all of the displays in our school corridors and halls and give feedback of what we liked and what we think could be improved. Mrs Shaw then took our feedback on board and has written a new display policy for our school.

March 2017
We were asked 'why are we only allowed to drink water in school'. We decided to use the 'Change for Life' Sugar Smart app to show how much sugar is in some of our favourite drinks.

October 2016

As part of Local Democracy Week some of our school councillors attended a workshop at the Cobalt Business Centre. The theme of the event was ‘Living in a Multicultural Society’. We took part in lots of activities which allowed us to meet other School Councillors from different schools. We tasted food from other cultures, discussed how everybody is unique and how we are going to ensure that everybody in our school feels valued. We had a great morning.

School Council

About Us.

The School Council holds a meeting once every half term where we get together to discuss issues that the children have raised throughout the school in order to bring about improvement and change.  In New York Primary School we value the child's voice and working cooperatively with staff and pupils we aim to successfully deal with issues raised through council meetings. ​​