New York Primary School 

North Shields Collaborative Teaching School

Lanark Close, North Shields, NE29 8DP

​​Telephone: 0191 200 6338

Woodland Wednesday's 

Throughout the course of the year, children in Foundation Stage make weekly visits to our own ‘Woodlands’ on the school field.

 The aims of these sessions are to:

  • give children time to play in a natural environment alongside their friends
  • to put children back in touch with the natural environment
  • to give staff an opportunity to observe the children in the ‘natural environment’ away from the busy classroom
  • to give the children the opportunity to follow their own fascinations and interests
  • to give staff the opportunity to work alongside the children on their own ideas
  • to bring their fascinations back into the classroom in order to provide opportunities to explore and extend their learning

During their time in the woodlands, the children are encouraged to follow their own fascinations, to explore and take risks; independently assessing these risks, to push their own boundaries. Children love to play, discover and ask questions.

As teachers we let the children take an active lead, listen to them carefully, give the children opportunities to develop their own knowledge of the natural world and play safely alongside their peers. Where possible we try to link their experiences in the woodlands to our practice in the classroom. This allows the children to make important links to their own first hand experiences.